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The Identity Post is a new interactive resource that provides leaders with the mindset and tools to learn and practice advanced Identity Intelligence so they can guide their organizations and communities through external identity-based dilemmas, crises, and opportunities.  We help leaders recognize and respond to five key Identity Influencers, worldview, ideology, belief systems, core values, and narratives.  We also track impactful social movements like #meetoo, Nationalism, White Nationalism, Immigration and Environmentalism to help leaders assess the potential impact on their organization and community.

Identity Intelligence Reports

The Identity Post publishes Identity Intelligence Reports that anticipate and reflect on how the five key identity influencers of worldview, core values, narratives, ideology, and belief systems shape the business environment you operate within. Identity Intelligence Reports help leaders understand and navigate complex social, cultural, political and organizational issues in a time of increased polarization. We continuously scan the media, observing and reporting the missteps and successes that institutions and leaders have experienced as they navigate new identity-based dilemmas and conflicts.

The Identity Post memberships include:

  • Regular Identity Intelligence Reports about Emerging and Real-time Identity Issues
  • News, Information, and Opinions From Multiple Perspectives to Get you Outside of Your Bubble
  • Online Assessments and Tools for Individuals and Team Development
  • Members Only Online Expert Conversations and Forums Moderated Our Expert Contributors
  • Members only Webinars and Podcasts
  • Continuous Learning Through Gaming and Mobile Apps
  • Aggregated and Original Polling and Research
  • Real-time Alerts About Identity-Related Events and Controversies that Could Affect Your Brand, Employees and Community

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