The Identity Intelligence Executive Lab

Today business and community leaders risk being overwhelmed by an identity-based controversy as they operate in an age of intense cultural polarization. Leaders have to be smarter, more resilient, and faster at diagnosing and responding to identity-based movements (i.e., Black Lives Matter, Nationalism and White Nationalist, LGBTQ rights movement) that cause conflict and division among their employees, customers, and the public.

The Identity Intelligence Lab (IIL) is a new virtual approach developed to help leaders anticipate and navigate today’s complex identity dilemmas in real-time.

The IIL is a timely solution that supports senior leaders as they grapple with today’s identity challenges. It is an online resource that provides awareness and analysis of pressing cultural, social and political conflicts that require strategic responses and decisions by leaders. The IIL provides members with the all the necessary tools and guidance they need to:

  • Develop the mindset and skills to operate successfully in a hypersensitive and polarized identity environment.
  • Recognize, analyze, problem solve and make strategic decisions about the dynamic interplay of numerous identity groups and networks who have differing agendas and social goals.
  • Navigate the competitive interaction between those holding differing worldviews, ideologies, belief systems, core values, and narratives.
  • Chart a safe course that respectfully addresses power struggles between various identity groups in our global society and brings self-awareness to those exercising power.

The Identity Post (TIP) Website 

The Identity Post website and portal is the hub of our Identity Intelligence Laboratory. Once you become a registered member, you have access to the site, which provides an ever-ready, evergreen stream of expert-curated content that leaders can immerse themselves in or merely scan to remain up to date and informed about crucial identity challenges and trends unfolding real-time those issues brewing just over the horizon. Leaders can engage with content independently at their convenience. While the public can visit the main site, premium content is reserved for those enrolled in the IIL. The membership package includes:

  • Monthly Identity Intelligence Reports that provide expert analysis
  • Personal and organizational calculators to assess how identity is impacting you and your organization
  • Webinars focused on explaining and expanding the identity issues of the Calculators and IIR’s
  • Podcasts with our panel of experts, public figures and influencers
  • Online conversations and analysis of timely identity issues moderated by our expert panel that further illuminate the monthly identity focus
  • Interactive choice-based games focused on testing your understanding of The Big 5 influencers
  • Original articles and posts contributed by our panel of experts in the fields of social science, history, politics, government, opinion polling, marketing organizational development, technology, international affairs, and journalism
  • Exposure to competing narratives related to each month’s theme that will take you outside your bubble
  • Recommendations of books, articles, video content, white papers, key interviews, panel discussions, and other informative content to contribute to leadership development
  • Synopsis of the most up-to-date identity research and polling
  • Original polling commissioned by The Identity Post 
  • Real-time alerts about  unfolding identity-based events and controversies that could affect your brand or community


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