Custom Identity Intelligence Reports


Your membership in the Identity Intelligence Lab includes a monthly Identity Intelligence Report (IIR) that helps you foresee and analyze crucial organizational and social issues and events related to our individual, cultural, national and global identity. We base our report on an analysis of how the five key identity influencers of worldview, core values, narratives, ideology, and belief systems shape the business and social environment you operate within. In addition to insights on how The Big Five identity influencers are affecting your organization and relationships with customers and community members. We also examine and track social movements, like Take A Knee and #Me Too that have broad implications for all organizations. We continuously scan historical and current media coverage, breaking news, and unfolding social and political movements including the missteps and successes institutions and leaders have made as they navigate these identity-based conflicts.

We use the insights we garner to help leaders acquire the high-level Identity Intelligence needed to understand and manage the risks of conflict that occurs among multiple identity groups and networks affecting your organization.

The IIR analyzes the impact of today’s identity-based conflicts and opportunities on a wide range of your stakeholders including labor pools, work teams, customers, investors, specific geographic areas, classrooms, voting precincts, political parties, civic institutions, traditional and social media platforms and governments at all levels. The IIR will help you connect the identity dots so you can see the big picture before you make critical decisions that can trigger your stakeholders’ or employees’ hot buttons based on dimensions of their identity.

While you’re focused on operating, the IIR will prepare your team to make sense of the confusing and often divisive changes we’re undergoing in relationships, roles, responsibilities, rights, and rules that govern our relationship with one another across all dimension of identity.  The IIR will have you more than ready when an identity challenge shows up on your doorstep or in your inbox.

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