The Identity Post uses identity as the jumping off point to achieve new levels of self-awareness and identity intelligence to respond to our new complex identity challenges.

Why Identity?

Identity is the driving force in society because it guides so many choices in life — our mate and close friends, our line of work, hobbies and interests, the sports teams we root for, the leaders we vote for, and so on.

Identity also shapes what we think about the significant issues in life, such as:

  • Morality
  • Equality
  • Immigration
  • Citizenship
  • Patriotism
  • Politics
  • Privilege
  • Community
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Traditional Values

What Does Identity Explain?

Identity explains why different people can experience the same event and yet because of where we live, the color of our skin, the language we speak, or the God we pray to, can have different interpretations of – or reactions to – that same event.

How Can Learning About Identity Help You?

Waves of disruptive technological and social change uproot us from old social norms and anchors. Learning about identity will help us adapt to our increasingly fragmented and polarized world. Identity, used as a clarifying lens, can help us form cohesive teams, resilient organizational cultures, and thriving communities.

Don’t Get Lost in all the Noise

Everyone’s fighting in aggressive and dramatic ways to determine your choices related to your business, agency, community and what you purchase – to support their social, financial, and social-political agendas. However, you need increased Identity Intelligence to sort out the messages, narratives, the push and pull of information, and temptations to operate on default, losing yourself in the bombardment. The Identity Post can help you with that job?

Why Do We Need to Grow as Individuals?

When we limit our perceptions of others based on only one or two demographic categories and fail to see others as whole people, we are much more susceptible to perpetuate:

  • Default and blinders fall into the bias, perceptions that the environment rein forces
  • Dehumanization based on stereotypical notions of a few dimensions of their identity
  • Systemic actions that dis-empower people based on only a few aspects of their identity
  • Unearned social status for people based on just a few elements of their identity

Identity Intelligence Means Seeing the Whole Person

Through a Whole Person Perspective, we recognize the power of what it means to be a multilayered individual in a technologically-driven, interconnected world. We’ll help you expand your perceptive so you’ll no longer see yourself or other  people in either/or ways, based on whether they are Americans or foreigners, black or white, male or female, gay or straight, Christian or non-Christian, rich or poor. Increasing your Identity Intelligence means accepting that we are interconnected and interdependent comprised of many aspects of who we are.

The Identity Post Will Help You Know and Express All of Who You Are?

Identity Intelligence means knowing who you are and being aware of who you are is the foundation for all healthy and productive relationships with others. Your family, friends, teachers, and members of some of your identity groups had expectations for you from the day you were born: what kind of person you should be, the beliefs you should hold, and the lifestyle choices you should make. They and even society had rules you should follow to be accepted and belong. Knowing who you also mean not letting others tell you who you are, based on their limited perceptions and beliefs about your identity.  WIP will help you’ll explore which dimensions of your identity are at the forefront of your various relationships? Who you are and how you adapt based on in multiple contexts, such as your work, community, and close relationships?

Why This Matters at Home, Work and in the Community

Good family members, friends, leaders and team members motivate and build strong relationships with others who have different identity perspectives. You must know as much as possible about yourself if only to create productive relationships across complex identity differences. Identity Intelligence can help you:

  • Dodge missteps that cause identity disconnects and derail the best attempts to achieve common goals with the people in your life.

What Will You Explore and Learn on the Identity Post?

  • How to quickly recognize which aspects of others’ identities are most important to how they see themselves
  • How to become more fluid in the language of identity so you can better interpret the interplay of the differing values, ideologies, and worldviews held by individuals and various identity group members as they compete to influence society and its institutions on behalf of their well-being and agendas.
  • How to make informed decisions about identity challenges as they occur in real time in the context you operate within.

What Tools and Resources Will Identity Post Provide?

  • E Learning and social media-driven tools that can be used at work, home and in the community.
  • Data, research and poling on identity post frameworks
  • Moderated and guided forums, individual and team assessments, blogs, webinars, pod casts videos, games, reviews, mobile AP’s, research,
  • Live events, training, workshops, and coaching
  • Motivational and entertainment content
  • Strategies and practices to identify and promote superordinate values (values that supersede our individual, ethnic, and local values and agendas) to strengthen our ties to one another.
  • Recommendations on books and identity themed resources