Organizational and Community Packages

What is the Identity Post?

The Williams Identity Post (WIP) is a new platform that helps leaders prepare their organizations and communities to better deal with our global society so they are better able to respond to a world that move ideas, products, and capital across geographic borders in milliseconds. Are you ready?

A New Learning Platform for a New World

During the 1980’s, managing identity differences in the United States was tied to the two frameworks derived from multiculturalism and diversity. These frameworks, however, are now globally recognized as only two of the many mindsets that compete to determine how we engage one another across identity differences such as nationality, race, gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation, socioeconomic level, and political preference. Are you speaking to everyone regardless of their beliefs about diversity?

Get Ready for a World in Identity-Based Hyperdrive

We’ll help you acquire the new Identity Intelligence you need to deal with hyper-tense discord that inevitably occurs among multiple stakeholder institutions, identity groups and networks with differing viewpoints and agendas. They all openly compete for influence over your actions. Today’s stakeholders include work teams, labor pools, customer bases, investors, neighborhoods, classrooms, voting precincts, political parties, media, civic institutions, and governments at all levels. Are you connecting the identity dots so you can see the big picture before you make decisions?

Lack of Identity Intelligence is a Risk

Your business environment and community are hypersensitive about identity differences, so it’s essential to increase your Identity Intelligence if you want to survive and thrive. Otherwise, you can face daunting identity disconnects.  The media are filled with examples of celebrity, business and community brand damage caused by being out of sync with social movements and the power of the intent to quickly shine an unflattering spotlight on your practices.

The fallout can include costly lawsuits, loss of sponsorships, broken contracts, and the cancellation of image and fan or customer and client relationships. In today’s environment, you can quickly lose your professional and business credibility if you operate on auto-pilot and assume you know how your entire web of stakeholders will interpret or react to your actions. Are you at risk?

How Can the Identity Post Help?

TIP offers a new platform that provides analyses, leadership development, employee workshops, and individual coaching and ongoing support that will help your stakeholders deal with:

  • The multifaceted and multi-layered environment your business and community are operating within
  • Divergent and often polarizing mindsets, lenses, belief systems and worldviews, and identity dimensions operating within the new environment
  • Attaining the personal, professional and organizational Identity Intelligence they need to interpret and respond to quickly changing and confusing norms, standards, rewards and punishments that await your business, agency or community.



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