Our Guiding Principle

Our guiding principle is to encourage everyone to see and respond to the Whole Person. When we limit our perceptions of others based on only one or two demographic categories and fail to see others as whole people, we are much more susceptible to perpetuate:

  • Default and blinders fall into the bias, perceptions that the environment rein forces
  • Dehumanization based on stereotypical notions of a few dimensions of their identity
  • Systemic actions that dis-empower people based on only a few aspects of their identity
  • Unequal social status and opportunity for people based on just a few elements of their identity

 Identity Intelligence Means Seeing the Whole Person

Through a Whole Person Perspective, we recognize the power of what it means to be a multilayered individual in a technologically-driven, interconnected world. We can no longer thrive while treating people in either/or ways, based on whether they are Americans or foreigners, black or white, male or female, gay or straight, Christian or non-Christian, rich or poor. We no longer live in the world that spawned this way of thinking yet many of our attitudes and actions remain the same. Increasing your Identity Intelligence means accepting that we are interconnected and interdependent comprised of many aspects of who we are.

The Identity Post will help you see yourself and  relate to others as whole people who are:

  • Unique individuals
  • Members of families
  • Members of various identity and cultural groups including those based on race, gender, nationality, age, religion and social class
  • Members of communities
  • Members of professions and organizations
  • Citizens of a nation
  • Members of formal and informal networks, online communities and local groups
  • Consumers of products and services
  • Members of the global community.