Our Purpose

We provide unique insights to help leaders recognize and respond to today’s complex identity challenges so they can make informed decisions for their organizations and communities. We provide analysis and insights to help leaders better understand and respond to a world where personal, professional, cultural, national and global identity is at the nexus of every relationship.

Divergent cultural identity experiences have led to intense polarization and hyper-partisanship, and a deepening lack of trust in core institutions. This trend will continue to disrupt organizations and communities for the foreseeable future.

The Identity Post focuses on the necessary mindsets and skills needed to navigate the intersecting organizational and social issues that stakeholders will bring to your doorstep.

  • Learn how hidden social legacies impact your interactions with colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Learn to have open business conversations about the movements that support and counter diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism.
  • Recognize social power dynamics that affect your organization and community.
  • Learn to discuss competing narratives and realities that contribute to misunderstanding and conflict between stakeholders.
  • Recognize the identity-related conflicts that impair organizational effectiveness AND social cohesion so you can become a more effective corporate and community leader.