Play Learn WIN


What is WIN Play Learn?

WIN Play Learn WIN is a web-based micro-learning experience that increases self-awareness, sensitivity, and skill in recognizing and responding to identity and inclusion issues.

Why did we Create WIN Play Learn?

Identity issues can pop up at any time. In a busy workday, employees and managers don’t always have time to attend classroom-based training. That’s why we created Play! Learn! Win! To provide a continuous learning tool that helps your employees recognize and respond to critical real time issues and events that are swirling around within society and your organization.

How Can WIN Play Learn help my Organization?

WIN Play Learn WIN is a fast and fun way to keep everyone focused on playing their role in maintaining an inclusive team environment especially during these times of intense cultural and identity based miscommunication and conflict. The tool focuses on awareness and dialogue, with tips to improve team dynamics.

How do you use Play Learn WIN?

Employees can play and learn as individuals or as a team. Your organization can choose to recognize winning individuals and teams for their learning success. Playing is simple.

  1. First, open the email
  2. Then watch the video (each video covers one topic and contains tips or rules to increase the learner’s knowledge.
  3. Finally, take a quick quiz based on the video (learners earn more points for answering questions correctly and quickly)

It’s that easy! At the end of the game, learners can check their individual and team scores and ranking.

About Play! Learn WIN!

Play! Learn! WIN provides an evergreen, ever-ready reservoir of knowledge that will grow and change based on developments within society and organizations. Play! Learn! WIN! is developed from a world class library of identity, diversity and inclusion content. The library consists of assessments, eLearning and on demand tools. WIN Play Learn topics can be rapidly tailored to meet the needs of your industry, community or organization.




Try it out, see if you can WIN: Talking Politics at Work

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