The Big Five Identity Influencers


Traditionally our society has had a laser-like focus on the impact of a range of obvious identity differences like age, geography, gender, race, religion, social class, nationality and sexual identity as the cause of inequality and social conflict, and for good reason. But they don’t show us the whole picture.

Today, traditional categories alone are not the only cause of the intense cultural battles we’re experiencing. Hidden beneath our demographic and cultural dimensions lie potent big picture identity influencers (The Big 5) made-up of our different worldviews, ideologies, belief systems, core values, and narratives. Due to their abstract nature, we usually overlook them, but nevertheless, they have a formidable impact on society and our decisions.

To succeed in a global, multichannel, multilayered, fragmented, fast moving, impatient, tech-driven, world where identity is at the nexus of every interaction – you need to develop a new kind of Identity Intelligence that recognizes and factors in The Big Five and prepares you to navigate the unpredictable impact they have on your business and community.